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Considering becoming a Landlord? We have The Best Landlord Services In The Area

If you’re considering a buy-to-let mortgage with the idea of becoming a landlord, then firstly, well done! Secondly, when becoming a landlord you need to ensure everything needed is in order and that your corner is set up with the right team to help you manage your property. As well as us being able to manage your landlord rental, we can provide you access to some of the leading industry specialists in the Cotswolds, helping you get only the best services you need.


When it comes to your property for letting, dealing with things yourself can become stressful. By utilising our services and industry connections, you can take the stress out of things knowing that you have only the best in the industry dealing with your property for letting.



We like to think of ourselves as the best estate agents for landlords because we understand the ins and outs, have seen it all in our 50+ years in the industry, and like to take a more modern approach towards estate agency. Whatever your question, query, or service you require we are more than happy to help you with it and assist you in making your landlord journey a great success.

Full Landlord Management Packages

Are you a private landlord? You can transfer the management of your property to us, and be backed up by 50 years of experience in the industry of estate agency. Our friendly and passionate team provides the best service available and utilise their expert knowledge to help you live worry-free.

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Private Lettings Or Estate Agent Managed

A Healthy Relationship Between Landlord & Tenant

Being that we are often the ‘middle-man’ in the relationship between landlord and tenant, you can rest assured knowing that all information going from one party to the other will be done so professionally and efficiently, and detailed exactly as it is provided to us. We pride ourselves on having great relationships with every client we have, whether it’s a tenant or a landlord, and we endeavour to keep these relationships strong. 

Too often do you see a landlord and tenant falling out over things, but with us acting as a mediator and communicator, we can take those rocky seas away and make the relationship plain sailing. 

The Difference Between A Landlord & A Home Owner

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The term ‘landlord’ refers to an individual (or individuals if more than one person owns a property) who owns a property and allows another person to use it for a set fee (Rent). The person in the property is the ‘tenant’. 

An owner is somebody who owns their home but does not let it out to another party, it is strictly their own. Not all property owners are the landlord of their property, some may choose to give somebody else the authority to act on their behalf, though this isn’t too common. 

Lettings Services Fees & Terms

Townsend Estates Landlord Fees

Whether you want us involved passed getting somebody in the property is entirely based on your decision, and every landlord is different. Some may want a property for rent privately, while some prefer to deal with an estate agent when discussing the home they are letting.


Frequently Asked Landlord Questions

The answer to this comes down to two simple things. Peace of mind, and attention to detail. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond, and not missing a trick when it comes to managing a property. 

The best way to decide what to charge for rent is to have us value your property, and determine what other properties similar in the area are being let out for. This could include many things such as facilities available in the property, no. of bedrooms and bathrooms, size of the house, size of the garden, garages, parking, etc.

Again, the best way to determine this cost is to have a chat with us directly as it is entirely dependent on what plan you will be after and the level of service required. We have several plans available to discuss with you, from us managing the property fully, to just introducing you to a tenant. Give us a call and see what would suit you best.

All landlords in the UK are liable to pay tax on rental income, as it is seen as additional income. This is to be declared by the landlord to HMRC directly.

While you can provide an inventory to the tenant yourself, we strongly recommend that you get a professional inventory done as a part of our services. It helps you to protect yourself and your property, as well as any furnishings within. It will detail the exact condition of the property, and upon the tenant leaving the property, it can be checked again to see if the condition is that of what it was when they moved in. It’s important to allow for general wear and tear, as this is unavoidable.

You can, all you need to do is inform your mortgage lender that you wish to change from a standard mortgage to a letting one, and they will discuss the process with you. This could result in various conditions, so speaking to them about everything you need to no is a great starting point.