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Buying a property in the cotswolds

Purchasing Your Dream Cotswold Home

If you’re looking to purchase a house for sale in the Cotswolds, we are here to guide you through the process. At Townsend Estates we understand the importance of making such a large decision as buying a house. It could be that you are buying your very first house, perhaps it’s your second or third, or maybe you’re making the move to the Cotswolds from a city, whatever it might be, we are here to help you make the process of buying your dream home in the Cotswolds, a very smooth reality. 

Property Viewings from Industry Experts Who Know The Area

All viewings are accompanied by our expert staff of estate agents who have a knowledge of the property and can answer your questions. We don’t believe in showing you around a property without being able to answer any questions. We always endeavour to answer everything that we get asked. We are proud of our service and hold ourselves to a high standard. 

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Take The Stress Out Of Buying A House, With Towsend Estates

If you’ve ever rented or purchased a property in the past, sometimes you can be left asking questions about the process as communication decreases. Rest assured, whether there has been a new development or not, we like to check in to keep you updated, to keep the anxiety at bay. 

Buying a house is no small feat, it takes a lot of saving, a little sacrifice, and is not always an easy process. We aim to ensure that the house buying process is as plain sailing as humanly possible for you. Whether it’s a home first-time buyer or purchasing a characteristic Cotswold cottage as your retirement home, we go to the same lengths to make sure the process is smooth, efficient, and painless. From the initial viewing, all the way up until the completion of the sale, we are available at your side for any assistance needed. 

Help For First Time Buyers

First Time Buyers can experience a lot of emotions during the process of buying their first home. It can be daunting and often overwhelming for those who haven’t had to deal with properties before (If they haven’t rented, for example). The idea of viewing and purchasing your dream home is exciting, but saving for a deposit, getting yourself a mortgage and speaking with a multitude of people regarding the process can be very intimidating, and sometimes quite taxing. Part of our mantra at Towsend Estates is to only ever recommend you to people who we believe in and trust ourselves. As part of our other services, we can introduce you to people with years of experience, who can help you on your way to spending your first night in your dream home. Takeaway at the ready.

With 50+ years Experience, we're here for you

Our knowledge, connections, and experience allow us to provide excellent service, putting you in contact with some of the most reliable people in the area for other services as well. The team we have is highly efficient and incredibly friendly, so you know you can depend on them every step of the process. Peace of mind is important when making big life decisions, and that is exactly what we aim to provide.

If you’re interested in any properties that we have to offer or are looking for that specific home in the Cotswolds, then get in touch with us and we will gladly answer any questions that you might have. You can register with us which allows us to be able to contact you with any potential property opportunities that match your requirements, meaning we can provide a much more personal service knowing exactly what makes that dream home of yours so special.

Key with House Keyring

There are many amazing things to see when people view their potential new home. One of which is how their face lights up from one place to the next. As the quote goes, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, and this sentiment couldn’t be truer when it comes to houses. What one family adores in one home; another family might not like at all. We take the time to understand your needs, your preferences, and your future requirements. In doing so we can provide you with solutions that are plausible for you, and will suit you for the long term.

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Frequently Asked House Buying Questions

Is there anything more disheartening than losing out on a home you wanted because somebody else got their first? To reduce the risk of this happening, there are some things to remember…

  • Know what you want before you go in. Does the house suit your needs? If so, having this knowledge provides you with less time deliberating, meaning you can act faster.
  • Do your research on the area. Does the area have everything that you want it to?
  • One of the things that we have seen that takes time is people deciding on the area, this can increase the decision-making time which can result in a missed opportunity.
  • What are school links like? Are schools easily accessible?

Having answers to all of these questions before you view the property is a great way to reduce any delays, as your questions are already answered.

Naturally, moving somewhere new is a big change, whether it’s around the corner or to another town entirely. There are things to consider before moving to a new area. Some things to consider are;

  • Local amenities
    Local schools if you have children
  • Transport links for work, or pleasure
  • Prices of houses
  • Are there social activities for you, or your family
  • Where is the closest pub

Whatever it might be, knowing these things about an area you are considering before you view properties there can help immensely.

Before the start of your quest to find a property begins, you must work out how much the process is likely to cost and see what mortgage deposit you can afford to put down on the property you desire. By doing so, you avoid any complications occurring during the process.

Every purchase is different, and both your’s and the seller’s position needs to be taken into consideration. If the seller has already vacated the property and you have secured a mortgage in place already, the final exchange of contracts and completion can happen relatively quickly provided that. Things to delay this process can be if the seller is still living in the property, or errors in the paperwork. If you’d like more information, get in touch with us and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

The deposit for your home is paid to the seller’s solicitor and is usually paid upon the exchange of contracts between the seller and the buyer.

Once the solicitor on the seller’s side has confirmed receipt of funds they can agree that the transaction has been completed. At this point, the estate agent will be able to confirm where and when you may collect the keys and start your new life in your dream home.

Buy-to-let is very different from owning property yourself. Your new property essentially becomes your own business, putting you in a position of responsibility as a new landlord. We offer a range of assistance for landlords if that is something you may be interested in. There are things to note with a buy-to-let mortgage, so if this is something you are considering you can contact us for a breakdown of all the things you need to know.